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Kesom Freight is a Leading Freight Forwarder from Germany to Kenya and the World

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Freight Forwarder from Germany to Kenya
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Kesom Freight is an and forwarding and logistics organisation providing international at most competitive rates for our valued customers. From our main operation hubs (Germany), Nairobi and Mombasa (Kenya),  we’ve been able to deliver secure logistical solutions for a broad range of clients that includes manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and individuals.

What Makes Kesom Freight Different

Experienced in Global Logistics

We have offices and shipping warehouses in Frankfurt, Nairobi, Mombasa, China, and the UK. We’ve built lasting relationships at major international shipping ports and terminals (air/sea). Nearly a decade of international logistic experience means that we are able to offer you the most efficient ways to transport goods from Germany to Kenya.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our main focus is to provide greater customer service experience, that is why our commercial and individual clients enjoy hassle free Import Export shipping solutions as we take care of, and assist in Custom Clearance documents and requirements for Kenya. also offers door to door from any address in Germany and Europe.

Cost Effective Shipping

Just imagine that instead of driving on Bundesautobahn, you take the old country roads of Germany? That means, in our transportation and  freight services industry, you get to learn how to become cost effective by even calculating the best routes to take to deliver goods from Germany to Kenya. Basically, we’ll provide you safe and affordable shipping.

Results Driven

Freight Forwarding Solutions


  • I've used them for several years and their service is top notch

    Ben Weya
  • Great service, very prompt responses on whatsapp, Will definitely be using them again!

    Miriam Mulli
Freight Forwarding Solutions
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