Shipping from Germany to Kenya

Shipping from Germany to Kenya

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How can you transport goods and cargo to different locations around the world, within days? The answer is simple, with the help of international freight services provider goods can be transported through air, land and water. There are plenty of companies throughout Germany that offer air and sea freight solutions for shipping containers filled with cargo around the globe, and to all major ports. This type of services is called international freight services wherein goods are transported all around the world by freight companies that offer pick-up and pack up for large or small quantities of orders and deliver them to their final destination.

In the past, most companies usually offered freight services mainly for business customers who required continued transportation solutions for trading amongst different countries. Today, freight companies such as Kesom Freight can handle all types of shipments whether for German Companies wanting to trade between Germany and Kenya, or to other parts of the globe, or whether Kenyans living in Germany who want to send large or small packages (or even a vehicle) we can take care of everything regarding freight from Germany to Kenya “and also anywhere around the globe” as Kesom Freight has warehouses and offices in Kenya Germany UK and China.

What is Inter-Modal Transport?

Intermodal freight transport is the transportation of the container/s through various modes of transportation. An example is the transfer of a container through air, ship, and road. Transportation called inter-modal freight started a long time ago as it dates back in the year 1700’s where companies used to transport large amounts of charcoal in England through water and by ship, as you can imagine that type of old fashion ways to ship cargo took longer to arrive compared to today’s transportation industry advancement.

There are some considerations for intermodal freight transport. Important aspect our customers are looking for is the full service and Eco-Friendly ways for delivering packages and containers. Intermodal freight therefore has become more popular than the traditional types of international logistics. The construction and expansion of different infrastructures such as new seaports, airports and roads has contributed to the transit time for the goods to be delivered to be very efficient and timely. That means, when you require delivery for any type of goods from Germany, all you have to do is get in touch with our friendly staff and will handle everything (including pickup, custom clearance, and timely delivery).

Reliable Freight Shipment from Germany to Kenya

Three Cargo Ships at Sea

One of the challenges most other freight services in Germany face is their ability to provide reliable and affordable freight services to Kenya (from Germany or elsewhere) this includes custom clearance, particularly for Importing and Exporting goods to and from Germany and Kenya.

Another obstacle is that more and more customers send smaller parcels, this allows us to offer consolidated shipments so that regardless of the volume or size of goods, we can deliver it affordably.

When shipping from Germany to Kenya, for many years, Kesom freight services has been helping the small medium and large business community and individual customers to transport goods to Kenya in a safe and cost-effective manner. When searching for freight company in Germany, consider Kesom Freight solutions because of our industry track record and extensive knowledge of custom clearance requirements for Kenya ensuring your items arrive at their final destination without hassles.

Basically, we ship goods, any amount, any size, and to offer greater customer service experience, we can come to you to collect your orders, or arrange a container to be delivered to your business premise (we can even arrange packing) for shipments to Kenya from Germany. We are looking forward to answering all your inquiries, simply

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