The Advantages of Using A Freight Forwarder Service

The Advantages of Using a Freight Forwarder Service

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The international trade market such as Kenya offers great profit potential for businesses within Germany. Because sending products across borders may present better opportunities for your Germany company to grow. However, the process can cause a few headaches that might turn many away from exploring import and export options emerging countries like Kenya offers.

Luckily, everything can be simplified with assistance from services like Kesom Freight forwarding due to our extensive freight and logistics industry experience and Kenyan background. Because we can handle the shipping of the products form your business premise to any destination and even take care of custom clearance.  Basically, we answer all your questions as well as provide you with freight forwarding solutions that are cost effective and timely.

How Can a Freight Forwarder Help Your Company?

A freight forwarder will help your company by coordinating your international trade shipping activities. A simply collects the products and from there you can rest assured that they will ensure that it reaches its destination. However, international trade comes with its own unique hurdles, and a freight forwarder can take control and overcome these hurdles such as:

  • Freight companies keep abreast of the product during the shipment process
  • Take care of storage and warehousing when and as needed
  • Negotiate to get the best prices for you
  • Outline the best ways to get your items to the intended destinations
  • Handle custom clearances and advice on regulations

Why Should You Use Services of a Freight Forwarder?

They Take Care of All the Intricate Parts of the Trading Process

Trading requires so much that it will always be a little stressful for business owners to handle by themselves. With trading, expect a lot of negotiations and paperwork. This is something that you will not have to worry about when you are working with Kesom Freight as we have the industry knowledge that will allow us to handle this process a lot quicker and smoother than you would on your own.

We Help You to Save Money

Our company with its established connections at key points will always arrange the shipment of your products to ensure that your product is being traded in the most efficient way. Hence, we will pinpoint ways for you to cut back on costs for your shipments. Another great benefit working with us also is that we usually work with all types of businesses (large medium or small) catering for their logistics needs. Therefore we will be able to carry out bulk shipments grouping items safely and effectively and thus attract lower costs for you. In addition to this, we will have discussions with the air/ companies involved in the shipping process to negotiate fees to get the best prices for you.

Kesom Freight Will Advise on Better Solutions

Understandably, the more versed you are at anything the better decisions you can make. This is what gives Kesom Freight the advantage, our international freight experience as we are the leaders in freight . Our experience tell us that when shipping goods overseas, we need to re-evaluate the transportation routes and make assessments in order to decide the best route for your items so that they can reach their destination on time, intact and affordably.

Freight Forwarders are Great at Problem Solving

Shipping can have unforeseen problems. After all, you are sending products (sometimes in very large amounts) to other parts of the world. During in which anything can happen, whether it is weather-related, law-related or just human errors that may have caused the delivery process to be stalled, the experts at Kesom Freight will know exactly how to fix it as we have the industry connections, and the expertise to address any hiccups should they occur.

Basically, whether you are sending a single item to Kenya from Germany, or you are wanting to begin importing and exporting goods to trade in Kenya or Germany. You can rely on Kesom Freight experience to make sure that your shipping is handled with great care and also cost effectively. Simply with one of our friendly staff as we are waiting to hear how we can assist your business with all its freight forwarding requirements.

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