What to Look For in a Freight Forwarding Company

What to Look For in a Freight Forwarding Company

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Freight forwarding is one of the best solutions for German businesses for sending products across the border and into other countries such as Kenya. The trading process becomes simpler and stress free for your German business and you get things done sooner than if you were to handle everything yourself. Looking for a freight forwarder that is suitable for your business can be a simple process, but don’t take it for granted because working with unprofessional can cost your more than what you bargained for.

First, you should always do some research into the company you are considering to use to ensure that they have the industry experience which is often the most critical factor. There are a few characteristics of freight companies that will reveal to you all you need to know about how suitable they are for your shipping needs be it import or export.

Choose Experienced Freight Forwarders

Extensive experience provides you with reputable company that you can trust to carry out your logistics and trading needs professionally. This will allow them to assist you with making informed decisions and also to get the best deals for your transportation requirements. An experienced company is always the best choice, especially in cases where problems may arise; with knowledge they will be able to find the best resolutions and do so fast.

Professional Connections Means Hassle Free Deliveries of Goods

A company that has all the right connections means that they can find cost effective options due to mutual relationships they’ve built over the years. Surely, they will have worked with different entities over years and will know which ones are worth working with. Additionally, it helps when the company has professional connections within the country that you are trading with, this will give you even more benefits as well as hassle free deliveries of your items.

Customer Service is What Makes a Freight Forwarder Great

Good customer service should be a trait that all companies possess. When dealing with any business type, you need to feel comfortable to ask questions and get the answers you need. No matter how good a company is at what they do, if they do not place any value on customer interaction you should think twice about working with them. The effort placed into customer service will show you whether or not you can trust the companies to have your best interest at heart. A good customer service also means that the company you choose will be able to handle most of the complex custom clearance documents and provide necessary advice when required.

Freight Forwarding Companies That Provide Additional Services

What better way to meet your shipping needs if a also offered door to door deliveries, or have the shipping container placed right outside your business premise in Germany. Or better yet, would it not be the great service you would want if the freighting company also took care of custom clearance documents for your importing and exporting needs. These are just some of the that can make your business become even more productive when sending goods internationally.

Furthermore, if your freight forwarding company only offers a short list of services then they might not be flexible enough to cater for your specific requirements. A flexible shipping company will help to take some of the weight off your hands and might be more equipped to help you in unforeseen circumstances.

Kesom Freight is Here to Answer All Your Questions

Our decade of experience tells us that the best way to find out what our clients requirements are is by consultation. We like to first listen to your shipping needs, and then propose most suitable options for you to consider before we begin transporting goods to Kenya from Germany or other parts of the world. Simply with one of our friendly staff to discuss your freight forwarding needs as we are eager to provide exceptional service for you as well.

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