Marine Insurance

Commercial Cargo Insurance for Air, Sea and Road Transportation

Our ultimate aim is to provide a hassle free, competitively priced and above all else, great customer service for all our valued clients for your international freight forwarding requirements.

That is why, we always want to go out of our way to ensure that your cargo will arrive safely and without any damage, for example: by having quality controls in place when packing, and further checks before an ocean container doors are closed and approved by Kesom Freight team for shipment to its final destination.

Unfortunately there are some factors that are out of our control and occasionally these factors may impact our ability to deliver your shipments as agreed upon. For example: bad weather, theft, airport security events, vessel sinking, aircraft crashing, and unfortunate traffic (Air/Sea/Road) accidents.

We would like to strongly encourage all our valued customers to insure your goods before should any of these unfortunate events occur. For this end, Kesom Freight can arrange commercial Marine Insurance cover on your behalf underwritten by Arista Insurance Underwriters. Simply contact us to find out which options are better suited for your requirements.

Vehicle Insurance

Furthermore, should you choose to utilize our vehicle transport services, we can also organise insurance for any vehicle you may wish to transport overseas. Simply let us know your specific transportation and shipment requirements and let our experience find a suitable solution for your specific needs.

international freight routes and world map illustration