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Affordable & Express Shipping to Kenya

Let’s face it, there is nothing more exhilarating than to shop online or in-store in Germany, not only can you purchase items from iconic brands, but the prices are actually great compared to other European countries.

We at Kesom Freight realize the hurdles many of our customers face when finding express shipping options to Kenya for products bought in Germany. Not only its confusing to understand what can be shipped to Kenya, its also very hard to find affordable freight service providers who actually understand the custom clearance requirements. This is where Kesom Freight can be of great service when you:

Want to Shop in Germany and Send Products to Kenya Cost Effectively?

Whether you are on a holiday or residing in Germany, you can let us handle the entire delivery process.

When using Kesom Freight International, all you need to simply do is “shop, buy, and provide our details as delivery address upon completing your order process” and let us handle everything from receiving your order package to delivering to Kenya. Did we also mention “affordably”.

Here’s How Shipments to Kenya from Germany Works

  1. Follow the links to your chosen shopping outlet
  2. If you are an existing customer of the online store then login using your usual username and password. If you are a new customer then you will need to create a new account
  3. Browse and select your desired product and place into your basket
  4. On checkout you will need to create a new delivery address:

    Kesom Freight International
    (Add YOUR NAME)

    Nordendstrasse 76
    64546 Mörfelden
    Walldorf Frankfurt, Germany
  5. Complete the checkout process choosing your delivery time (Note: this is the time to deliver to our Frankfurt office and not the time frame in which you will receive your goods. Payment at this point is paid to the Online Store and not to Kesom Freight).
  6. Please copy and paste your confirmation delivery order number and your name here
  7. Order Reference Number (required)

    Your Name (required)

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    Your Message

    *Clarify in the form comments field if this is a single order or one of several orders that you want us to collate for you. Complete the form for each separate order you make.

  8. Upon receipt of your goods we will email you with final details of delivery and costs , either direct to your door or to our Nairobi Office for your collection.

We will maintain contact with you and agree when you want the goods dispatched. If you want more information then Request a Callback using our contact form on this page. We’ll call you back usually within 30 minutes during business hours.

Simply press on any of the links below to get started (Important: make sure you come back to Kesom Freight website to fill out the form on this page)

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