Cheapest Way to Send a Package to Kenya from Germany

Cheapest Way to Send a Package to Kenya from Germany

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I need to send a parcel back to Kenya from Germany and want to know what would be the cheapest way? (The package is about 5 Kilos) these are the types of questions we answer for our valued customers almost each and everyday. So we’ve decided to create this informative article to provide quick and easy answers to “Cheapest Way to Send a Package to Kenya”. Below are the most important factors to consider when sending parcels to Kenya.

Express or Economy Delivery?

When the cost is more important than time of arrival, then we encourage all our valued customers to send their parcel with International Economy Option. And what we’ll do is find you the cheapest freight route (by air or by sea) so that you pay minimum amount when sending shipments to Kenya from Germany.

Express delivery: if time of arrival is more important, for example you’ve got urgent consignments that must be received as soon as possible, then, we’ll still find the most cost-effective option, however, this time we’ll focus more on delivery times (for example, fastest and cheapest route of transport).

Dimension, Weight and Amount

Another critical factor to consider is the dimension, weight and the amount of packages being sent. For example: let’s say there are 2 packages. One weighing 5 kilos and the other weighing 10 kilos, if all else is equal in terms of dimension of the package, then, 5 kilo parcel transportation cost will be less than 10 kilos. Also, the amount of items can not be overlooked when calculating the cost. For example: is it just one off parcel (perhaps a single document issued by German government, or you’ve shopped in Germany and want to ship to Kenya various different presents and gifts for family or friends? Or, you are a business owner importing and exporting goods and now looking for ways for long term affordable freight shipment options between Kenya and Germany?

Talk With Our Friendly Team to Find the Cheapest Way to Send Your Packages to Kenya from Germany

As you can see, almost all items sent through International shipment routes can differ in terms of costs. However, you’d be pleased to know that Kesom freight specializing in freight (big or small) services to Kenya will ensure that you’ll get great savings regardless of the item/s you want to send to any part of the globe.

How we are able to do this is by offering various transport options such as: document pickup and delivery options, air freight and sea freight services, full container loads, packup and pickup solutions, consolidated shipment, less than container loads and others. Our industry experience, international offices and warehouses (United Kingdom China Germany Kenya) coupled with many direct services we’ve already built at key terminals and ports, ensures our valued customers enjoy cost effective delivery options available on the international shipping market.

To find out exactly how much your items shipping cost will be, simply contact our friendly team now
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